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Womens WOMB FAST Retreat – Light in the Depths

9. November @ 15:00 - 12. November @ 12:00

The retreat will be held in English and German with translation where needed.

kollektive Reifungszeit – fruchtbare Dunkelheit

A communal ritual response to these times

Join Natasha Lythgoe and me for our Women’s Winter Gathering. We will gather with the approach the new moon in November, the beginning of the ‘night of the year’ when the layers between worlds are fine and we will journey into our own long dark – into this soulful fertile space where we are taken below the surface of things into the depths.

Wir laden Dich ein, zu einer besonderen winterlichen Zusammenkunft unter Frauen.
Im Vorfeld des November-Neumonds, zu Beginn der ‚Nacht des Jahres‘, wenn die Grenzen zwischen den Welten dünn sind, treffen wir uns und reisen gemeinsam in unsere eigenen dunklen Innenwelten – in diesen beseelten, fruchtbaren Raum, unter die Oberfläche und Sichtbarkeit der alltäglichen Welt, und lassen uns in die Tiefen tragen.

We offer a collective gestation.
What is being called forth in the challenge of these times?
a collective Inscendence, a communal ritual to these times.

Inscendence’ as opposed to ‘transcendence.’ Whereas transcendence is our drive away from the world, away from our bodies, inscendence is the movement within, the inward movement. This ancient idea that there are times in our lives when, as individuals and as community we must descend into our instinctive wisdom in order to reinvent ourselves.

The challenges of our times are manyfold and demand emotional wisdom and composting – a process as individual as collective. Our preparation will shape itself along a weave that includes feeling wisdom flow, practices of befriending the dark in nature, of connecting with and making offerings to our ancestors, and nature-based embodiment practices.

Wo Transendenz für die Bewegung nach außen, weg von der Welt, weg von unseren Körpern steht, ist Insendenz die Bewegung nach innen, das Bewegen im Inneren.
Wir glauben an diese uralte Idee, dass es Zeiten in unseren Leben gibt, in denen wir hinabsteigen müssen in unsere instinktive, innewohnende Weisheit, um uns wirklich und nachhaltig zu erneuern und neu zu finden.

Die Herausforderungen unserer Zeit sind vielfältig und rufen nach emotionaler Weisheit und Verdauung – ein Prozess, so individuell wie kollektiv.

After our preparation cycle we will enter our collective fasting womb ritual. Fasting before gathering to sit in communion with the fertile darkness, a kind of this soul’s language.

In the Inuit language there is a word – qarrtsiluni – which means sitting together quietly in the dark waiting expectantly for something creative to happen. Expectant. Emergent. Not yet known.

We enter a journey of melting into this season and into the gifts this has to offer in communion – our seeds of light, we carry through the night. 

Our final day will tend to how our personal and collective lives might be enriched through our time together.

Wir schmelzen auf dieser Reise ganz in den Winter, in die Qualitäten, die er uns Menschen schenkt – und gemeinsam tragen wir unsere lichtvollen Samen durch diese Nacht!

Denn der letzte Tag unserer Leben wird davon bereichert und erfüllt sein, wie wir persönlich und kollektiv unserer Zeit hier zusammen verbringen.


Three days and nights to deeply immerse with inner and outer nature.

Drei Tage und Nächte, um tief mit innerer und äußerer Natur zu verschmelzen!

After gently arriving and landing the first evening on Thursday, we will prepare ourselves on Friday for the ritual on Saturday followed by a lush celebration and tending to ontegration and incoropration before leaving late morning on Sunday.

Nadine and Natasha aim to imbue our time together with soft, slow, receptive, restorative, reflective and enriching, enlivening qualities.

This retreat is especially for you if you feel the yearn for digesting and fertile integrating something around the topics of grief, fear, death/rebirth, change and want to connect to your unique seeds to bring back to community.
All this within a like-hearted community together turning to tenderly face the global challenges of these uncertain times.

We, as guides, will share ways, tries and tested, to help land this experience into your everyday lives.


Location: Hof Jakob – 1 hour east of Berlin
Dates: 9th – 12th November 2023
Guides: Natasha Lythgoe and Nadine Neuner
Small Budget Place: 275,-€ (limited – apply by email),
Balanced Budget Cost: 355,- and
for those who can afford to support small budget participants: 450,-€
Costs for full board and accommodation are additional.
Pilgrim hostel shared double room 260,- €/single 285,- €
Baroque manor hotel shared double 335,-€/single 385,- €

The retreat will be held in English and German with translation where needed.


If you would like to know more do feel free to get in touch. Natasha and I are both happy to have a conversation about the details of this women’s retreat and our approach. Please send an email to or


I’m Natasha, also known by my Buddhist name Nagadipa which means light in the depths – this name was given to me as a mirror of my essence and as life teaching. I guide individuals and groups through transformative nature-based experiences. With over twenty years of experience leading programmes I have been moved and honoured to witness countless stories; listening and attending to what has purchase on folks’ hearts. The way I work weaves together the main threads of my life; creativity, dharma (truth), mythic journeys, the intelligence of the body and nature.

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9. November @ 15:00
12. November @ 12:00


Hof Jakob – Erdung und Entfaltung
Ausbau nach Petersdorf 3
Zeschdorf, Brandenburg 15326 Deutschland
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